While the rose is a favored symbol of love, rose colors dive even deeper into the symbolic meanings of flowers. For example, red roses are for romance, yellow for friendship, and lavender is a symbol of adoration and affection. Did you know that every shade of rose has its own name? Read on for a short list of some of our favorite varieties.
‘Mother of Pearl’ is an exquisite ivory rose with undertones of blush. It opens up to a gorgeous, fluffy rose that we love to use at weddings.
‘Free Spirit’ I won’t make you wait in anticipation – this stunner is my favorite. The frilly petals open up so wide you would think this was a classic garden rose. I find the color can work well with both a moody fall palette and an uplifting and more joyful arrangement. It has a subtle fragrance and a gorgeous range of colors.
‘Faith’ is an earthy, pink shade that is a long-lasting and dependable rose. We often suggest this particular rose for the arrival of a new baby, weddings, or sympathy. The name itself brings joy and comfort.
‘Cappucino’. This is a true designer’s rose. We don’t carry it often as we get too many customers concerned that their roses are dead. Ha – we get it! Neutrals are having a moment in design and we’re hoping this underappreciated star will soon have its time to shine! #brownrosesforever
‘Sexy Red’ yes, please! Like your favorite red lipstick or heeled shoe, red IS sexy!
‘Black Baccara’ This rose looks like a sumptuous velvet. We love combining it with various shades of more blue reds and burgundies for a dramatic and sophisticated color palette. This is a superb choice for a winter wedding.
‘Crème de la crème’ This sumptuous rose looks like buttercream frosting. It’s a favorite choice for spring-themed arrangements as it tones down the intense yellow hues of forsythia and daffodils.
We hope we can inspire you to look beyond the basic red roses. Thanks for reading along!
Also, we couldn't write about our favorite roses without a special shoutout to one of our shop favs featuring rose quartz rosewater: