As you may remember from January’s blog post (you’re all reading, right?!). Mom and I are on a mission to more clearly define our purpose as retailers and as business owners. We feel strongly about being #bossladies and being examples to other women, that YES you can do what you love and make a living.
Owning your own business is not for the faint of heart– it’s a good thing we’re girls.

When searching for new products and retail partners we are consistently making the choice to go with female-led businesses. When you shop women-owned businesses you support the economic development of all women, promote gender equality and find new and AMAZING products. Our hearts are full when we think of our little shop and all the girl power contained within these walls.

As women, and especially mothers we learn to adapt and rise above expectations. Here are just a very FEW women-owned businesses we’re most excited to share with you this year.

Kalastyle is a Swedish born personal care company based in Rhode Island. Founded by Kate Smith and Lance Gersgenhoff, the brand looked to bring their European hand lotions, soaps, shaving creams, candles and more to the United States. Their daughter, Alice, now heads up the company and we had the great pleasure of meeting her in person while in Atlanta in January. I’m telling you their Swedish Dreams hand lotion is just what your winter skin needs. Plus, we LOVE that it’s a New England based product!


The Chai Box
Listen, we know how hard it is to find good chai. When we met Monica Sunny, aka #thechaiboss, in her booth at the Atlanta market, we were taken with her warmth, integrity, and story behind her blended teas. We learned about her process and her passion for the ritual of tea making. Her company even made the list of Oprah’s Favorite Things, the holy flippin’ grail of influencers in the retail world!! I had just met her and yet was so proud of this achievement! We caught her at the very end of the show as her husband and two teenage sons came to dismantle her booth. I sat back with my yummy chai while watching her boys pack up the tea mixes for their mom and get ready to cross another trade show off their list. Her social media account is so fun and engaging – make sure to check her out!
Moms rocking the TiktToks!

Polished Prints
Polished Prints is a lifestyle goods line created by a mom of three for women and kids everywhere. The intention is simple: to create purposeful designs that resonate, reflect your values and inspire you to feel your best each and every time you wear them.

As busy mom, a good graphic tee saves the day. With Polished Prints – I can share a positive message with the world and look cute! We just brought in the sweetest selection of onesies. Made of soft, organic cotton and made to inspire good vibes and happy smiles. It’s an obvious Cool Mom pick, and we’re proud to carry this women-owned small and sustainable business at Sweetbay. Let us know if you love them and we will bring in more styles!

(this is my inner dialogue – I think this product is so cool. Do my customers think this is cool? Is this the right choice for them? Did I miss the mark?  AGH!!)

Cotton Twist
This utterly adorable and charming children’s crafting company was founded in the UK by a mom of three, Anne-Clare. She was on a mission to rid her kiddos’ party bags of junky and plastic toy favors. She channeled her creative energy into designing these adorable bead, puppet, painting, and peg-doll kits that are perfect “little somethings” for any child.

As a creative, my brain feels like a hamster on a wheel constantly churning up new ideas and concepts. I get so jazzed when I see other creative women stepping away from the corporate world and believing in themselves and their abilities. I wish I could give them all a huge hug!

Take Care of Me Woodland Mouse Kit
What child wouldn’t adore this little woodland mouse?! She suggests them as the perfect restaurant distraction. GENIUS.

Farm + Sea

I have such a deep appreciation for this company - and the lovely Mary Swenson who is the #bosslady behind it. FARM + SEA began with Mary’s obsession with cultivating a cozy, inviting home filled with meaningful objects. Inspired by her beloved New England, the utilitarian beauty of farms, and the transformative power of the sea that uniquely defines this area. Mary has set out to create a brand that uses the power of scent to evoke a memory, create a mood, uplift, and relax, in vessels that reflect a clean and modern New England vibe.

Mary and her husband Rob have such a beautiful company and we are proud to be one of their retail partners. They are the essence of small business – from meeting me at the loading dock and clearing away the empty snack packs and bottles to load up with candles, then to rescuing us the week of Christmas by personally delivering cases of inventory to the shop when we were completely depleted.

I tell Mary and Rob all the time that I could have a successful business by just selling their products alone. Our customers love them, I love them and I just feel REALLY good about selling them.

This is the smallest list of women owned companies that we are proud to support.  I could go on and on and on – so please ask about more when you come into the shop!  

Be sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram as we’ll highlight more of our favorite women-led small businesses.  

These boss ladies appreciate it.