Ah, January.
Let’s all take a breath of fresh air. If the holiday season is the time for excess, maximalism, layers and fluff, January brings a welcome sense of calm. Despite what you may assume of my decorating habits based on my profession, the trees and garlands at our house come down on December 26th and it’s not a day too soon.

We wish we could snap at our fingers at the shop and reset the floors instantly. Truthfully –we’re sluggish and tired. Those weeks from Halloween to Christmas Eve are our Super Bowl.  It’s the time where we see if we will make it or break it. Did we bring in the right gift choices? Did our vision for the holiday season mesh with yours? Why did we buy all those pink mittens?

January’s calm gives us an opportunity reassess our original plan for Sweetbay. It offers us a check-in to make sure we’re still aligned with our values? Is each and everyone customer warmly welcomed to our space ( or as Liz calls it “our party?”)

A visit to this shop this month will welcome you to our ideal, monochromatic, and serene Sweetbay. Beth is in heaven, with a limited color palette emphasizing whites, ivories, grays and greens. Houseplants are BACK, which is a win for everyone. Let the oxygen flow.

Create a simple winter focal point with some of our favorite faux evergreen branches, an assortment of birch logs and a whimsical wooden bead garland. Worn books and this gorgeous vintage card catalogue add weight and interest to the front window display.

As we usher in 2023, we’re looking forward to a more curated and simplified version of Sweetbay. While we will continue to bring our favorite styles of jewelry, gifts and unique décor, our focus will be to introduce you to more amazing local and women-owned vendors.

We are hunting all through New England to bring you new ideas that support our desire for a lower carbon footprint, more eco-conscious packaging and more female-led companies. We look forward to making these small steps alongside you to become more enlighted consumers.

Take a small step to a big difference by bringing a reuseable bag everytime you shop at Sweetbay. We will reward you by offering you a discount of 5% off your highest ticketed item that day!

Handmade by Amy in Pacific Grove, California, Mo&Co Home’s mission is to make the cleanest burning beeswax candles available that enrich the lives of people and the bees. We love the gorgeous color palettes of her goods and the ritual of lighting tapers at the dinner table. Check them out in the shop!