Valentine’s Day has a bad rap – stuffy restaurants, big gestures of affection, and an imposing display of red roses. Shouldn’t love just be…easier?
It could be argued that the greatest love is not between lovers but between mother and child, sisters, gal pals, and neighbors. It is that non-romantic love of friends and family that gifts us strength when Mr. or Mrs. Right forgot.
We love the idea of celebrating love in all the little ways – like children with their classmates looking to fill up each other’s Valentine’s card boxes. They can’t wait to scribble their names across those little cards and dole them out freely and without care. Why all the pressure to express love? A charming pair of earrings for the occasion, a handwritten card, a collection of spring blooms or fragrant soap are some of our favorite little ways to celebrate.

A rose soap is the perfect little something to tuck in a lingerie drawer. And a coffee card – just because you’re hot.
Sweet surprises of fresh flowers will warm anyone’s heart. While red roses are traditional, our favorite bouquets feature a mix of traditional and more whimsical stems such Hellebore pictured at the bottom of this fresh bouquet. Also known as Lenten Roses, these flowers are the first to bloom and even force their cheerful faces through the snow.
A joyful pink cyclamen plant and Hoya “Kerri” heart-shaped plant make endearing teachers’ gifts. 
However you celebrate this month – make it simple and keep it sweet.