Self-care, don’t care. The past weeks have been about doing ALL THE THINGS for EVERYONE. In early winter, we say doing nothing should be high on your list. Need a new show recommendation – ask Beth! Did you know she’s a serial TV show re-watcher?

Tea and Candles – the foundation of Jan-YOU-ary.

Here are some of our favorite and easy ways to check out this month.
1) Light a candle and enjoy an easy to adapt ritual that will make your environment instantly more relaxing.

2) Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize. Layer on all the products – and treat your skin to something a bit more luxe! Clean off your bedside table make room for a new selection of rich hand lotions, a plant and the aforementioned candle. For the ultimate “extra” experience, slap on some eye gels and noise cancelling head phones.

Loving these new Patchology eye patches for, your new best friend for tired eyes.

This luxe handcreme, is a life saver for dry hands.  The beautiful packaging and divine smell, will feel like a little luxury.  

3) Go for a walk. Don’t over-think it. Just do it.

4) Try a new hobby. Come in and  talk with Ellen about knitting! Marc will give you all the how-to’s on bone broth. Try your hand and flower arranging with one of our upcoming workshops at Sweetbay. Take up pickleball! You can learn more right across the street from us at the American Civic Center.

Learn more about Pickleball and see what everyone is talking about!